Izzy and Kat, Integrated Healing and Strength Systems, Inc. foundersIntegrated Healing and Strength Systems, Inc. is a Health and Wellness company founded by Israel A. Sanchez and Catherine Polo in April of 2011.

Integrated Healing and Strength Systems, Inc. is based in Washington State with its headquarters located on Bainbridge Island. It’s been serving the health and fitness needs of local clients via one-on-one services, and of fitness enthusiasts around the globe via online services and online products.

The president and founder is Israel “Coach Izzy” Sanchez, a renowned strength coach and pain therapist, who pours over two decades of intensive learning and experience to provide products and services designed to enhance the health and well-being of his clientele.

From publications in the topics of health, wellness, weight loss, pain therapy, and fitness, to one-on-one services to address chronic pain and dysfunction, Coach Izzy has made it his mission to help those he serves in aspects neglected by traditional approaches. He counts with the unparalleled experience of his wife, vice-president, and co-founder Catherine “Kat” Polo to fine-tune the nutrition and lifestyle approaches of those seeking his guidance.

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